The dog food of the future?

An increased focus on sustainability has had a major impact on the food industry - plant based substitutes for meat are popping up everywhere and innovative tech companies are competing to develop new protein sources. The animal feed industry is also slowly beginning to change in a more environmentally friendly direction, to meet the market's and not least the planet's need for sustainable alternatives.

The article What Pandemic Puppies Eat for Breakfast discusses trends and new research findings in the dog food industry. More and more consumers have opened their eyes to the impact of traditional protein sources on the environment, which has opened up a new sector for many innovative start-ups. Newly started companies have started to develop and launch dog food based on protein from farmed meat, insects and plant-based sources.

So what are the numbers that underlie this changed direction, in an otherwise meat-dominated industry? Well, according to the sources in the article, as much as 20% of the meat and fish consumed annually goes to the food we give to our pets. Other studies show that pets account for 25% of global meat consumption, and owning a medium-sized dog is the same climate impact per year as owning a car.

The environmental aspect is one of the important reasons why the dog food industry is slowly beginning to change, where the pressure for an increased sustainability aspect comes from both consumers and investors. Another reason for the changes that are emerging in the dog food industry is the animal health aspect. Research shows that among the dogs that have food allergies, the most reported allergies are caused by animal protein sources. At the top of the list are beef and milk protein, which are closely followed by chicken, wheat and lamb (Mueller et al, 2016).

The health aspect of dog food based on traditional protein sources is also examined from other perspectives. Tumors and cancer affect about one in four dogs at some point in their lives. In humans, research has shown links between processed meat and cancer, and researchers are therefore investigating whether there may be the same link in dogs. The area is still new and more studies are needed to be able to draw definite conclusions, but the findings found so far suggest that carcinogens formed during the cooking of meat, chicken and fish, can also contribute to cancer in dogs.

Many new dog food companies, including petgood, therefore hit two birds with one stone - a new, healthy, allergy-friendly and high-quality protein source that also comes with a really low climate footprint and is resource-efficient in production. We are truly part of a vibrant and changing industry, and we are happy that we as a Swedish company are one of the leading players in developing the healthy and sustainable dog food of the future!

It's tasty. It's nutritious. It's natural. It's sustainable. It's science-based. It's the pet food revolution.

Pernilla Westergren, Founder & CEO