Gift Card

50 kr

Do you want to surprise someone? Or are you unsure about the weight or activity level of your friend's pawsome pet? Regardless, it's very easy to buy our digital gift cards!

  • No gift card expiry date (valid forever).
  • Instructions below how our gift cards work.

1. Choose the gift card value you want to buy for yourself or someone else.
2. Pay for the gift card on its own or together with other products.
3. After completion of the order the gift card is sent to the email defined in the checkout.
4. The email contains a link to your digital gift card where you can see the amount in real time. The amount is updated if you or your friend purchase products for a value less than the gift card amount.
5. The email (or the gift card link in the email) can be forwarded to someone else as a gift.
6. Remember to keep store/keep the email and/or link in a safe place as it is a document of value.