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We want to make a difference, for real. Our planet and the next generation deserve it.


Small paws, big impact

It's hard to grasp... we know. But today, pets account for 25% of the global meat consumption. Believe it or not, their food contributes to about 3% of all greenhouse gas emissions globally. We know, it's crazy. Why hasn't anyone said anything!? Great news, there is a solution!


Our LCA reveals 5x lower emissions

The numbers confirm that we keep our promises - our recently published European LCA shows that, thanks to all the dogs and cats eating Petgood, we save thousands of tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year.


Saving planet resources

Compared to other sources of animal protein, the production of insect protein requires significantly lower water, land and feed usage.


Be part of the solution

Petgood is here to create a better future for the next generation of all that live on this planet. By choosing Petgood, your pets will enjoy the nutritious benefits of insect protein; and our planet will gain the sustainability benefits that come with this highly resource-efficient protein source. Thank you for taking action; together, we can make a difference. Together, we are Petgood, the do-good pet food.