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Our Story

How our CEO Pernilla and her labrador Siri made a vision to reality and created Petgood.


Here to make a difference

Petgood was founded when our CEO and founder, Pernilla, welcomed her Labrador, Siri, to the family. She quickly realised how challenging it was to find high-quality pet food with transparency regarding origin and quality of the ingredients. This needed to be changed, insect protein was the solution and petgood was founded.


Thousands of dogs & cats eats insects

Today, thousands of dogs and cats enjoy Petgood's insect-based pet food products. Insects are a fantastic source of protein that comes with many health benefits for the pet.


Petgood drives the latest research

In collaboration with leading universities and research partners, Petgood's veterinary team is active contributing to, and driving the latest research projects within the fields of insect-based pet food.


Petgood is the best petfood we have given our dogs

For the past two years, Kustmarken, with 30 years of professional experience breeding more than 500 working dogs, have been feeding all their dogs Petgood.

"The dogs have healthy stomachs, ideal body condition, shiny coats, and most importantly - they fully absorb the nutrients. Petgood is the best pet food we have ever used" - Robert Jönsson, founder of Kustmarken.


Together we can make a difference

Thanks to thousands of pets eating petgood, we are able to save thousands of tons of greenhouse gas emissions every year. Join our revolution and be part of the solution!