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Having problems finding what you're looking for? Below you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions.

About us

Who are Petgood?


We are Petgood, the do good pet food. Petgood were founded in Sweden, retailing across the EU, and now proudly available in Australia. Petgood is actively working towards a more transparent and sustainable pet world where pets can eat nutritious food without burdening the planet's resources.

In Australia we currently offer our Petgood Dental Sticks for Dogs; featuring sustainable and nutritious insect protein. Insects are an animal protein source, rich in the same essential amino acids and nutrients that your pet can obtain from traditional protein sources. As we like to say: Insects: Like meat, but better!

How do you work with sustainability?


At Petgood, we love pets, but we also love our amazing planet – we're driven to reduce our four-legged family members' climate impact and global pawprint. Our focus on sustainability has been the driving force behind the Petgood insect-based pet food revolution.

Can I buy your product in stores?


We are currently retailing through our webstore here at our website.

If you are a retailer who is interested in stocking the Petgood products, we’d love to hear from you! Please reach out to our friendly team at nicky@petgood.com.

How can I get in touch with you?


The easiest way to get in touch with us is to write in the chat bubble at the bottom right, or email us at nicky@petgood.com. If your matter concerns an order, please send your order number directly so that it will be easier for us to help you! You can also contact us on phone number +61 422 919 416 where we will answer during office hours, or send us a message on our Instagram or Facebook!

Where can I read your reviews?


Feel free to visit Trustpilot where you can read reviews from hundreds of our customers!


How should I store the Petgood products?


Petgood products should be kept in a cool, dry storage location, and used within the printed best before date on the individual packaging.

Where are your products made?


The Petgood products are manufactured in Melbourne, Australia

Where can I find the ingredients or your products?


You will find a complete list of contents on the product page for each product. You can also find it on the packaging.

Is the dental sticks suitable for dogs with allergies?


Petgood products are single protein, and feature the novel protein source, insect protein. Our products contain no other animal-based ingredients whatsoever. The Petgood products can thus be useful for dogs with known sensitivities to traditional protein sources.

What about the carbohydrates?


The Petgood products contain potatoes, rice and peas as sources of energy and healthy dietary fibre. Our products are naturally wheat-free.


Which insect species are in your products?


In all our products we use only one species of insect, the Black Soldier Fly Larvae (Hermetia illucens).

Why does Petgood use Black Soldier Fly?


The vision behind the Petgood products is to be able to combine optimal animal health and global sustainability goals. The larvae of the Black Soldier Fly are very rich in nutrition and protein for pets, as well as incredibly sustainable and resource-efficient to produce.

Where is the insect producer based?


The Black Soldier Fly producer we collaborate with is located in Australia, and is one of the leading insect producers in the country.

Do your products contain other animal protein besides insects?


No, insects are the only animal ingredient in our products.

Order, shipping & payment

Can I change/cancel an order?


If you want to make any changes to a placed order, email us as soon as possible at help@petgood.com with your order number and we will look into your case.

There is a problem with my order/product, what do I do?


If there is something wrong with your received order, email us at help@petgood.com and we will help you. Please include the order number and any photos directly.

My pet doesn’t like the product, what do I do?


We offer a taste guarantee if your pet does not like the Petgood product.