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Australian made

Both nutritious and sustainable - insects are like meat, but better!


Dr Nicky

Our Lead Vet Dr Nicky Sluczanowski is a small animal veterinarian with over 15 years of professional clinical experience in her home country of Australia. Dr Nicky has of course always had a strong interest in animal health and wellbeing; and she is also passionately concerned about our global environment. Once she learnt about the nutritional and sustainability benefits of insect protein for animal feed, she was determined to become involved with the insect-based pet food industry and make a difference. Dr Nicky is now responsible for product development as well as R&D for Petgood globally; as well as bringing the benefits of insect-based animal nutrition to the pets of Australia.

- Dr Nicky Sluczanowski, Lead vet & Head of Product Development


Why insects?

The insect species used in our products is the larvae of the Black Soldier Fly, Hermetia illucens. This species has been chosen for inclusion in our products due to the premium quality of the protein, as well the impressive sustainability profile.

High quality protein


Protein is a very important nutrient that dogs and cats need to have supplied through their diet. It is important that the protein is of high quality, so that the nutrient can be readily absorbed. An important factor in assessing protein quality is the digestibility of the protein source. Digestibility is really a measure of how much of a nutrient can be absorbed by the species in question. The digestibility of insect protein from Black Soldier Fly Larvae has been researched in both dogs and cats, and has been shown to have very high digestibility - higher than, or in line with, other animal protein sources.

Rich in amino acids


Protein is made up of smaller components or building blocks called amino acids. All animal species have what are termed “essential” amino acid requirements, meaning these particular amino acids must obtain through dietary means and cannot be synthesised by the body. Insect protein from the Black Soldier Fly Larvae have a rich essential amino acid profile, contributing to the high quality of this protein source.



It is not always easy to know where the protein source in a pet food has actually come from; and suppliers of these raw ingredients can vary depending upon the state of the market. The insect protein in the Petgood products is sourced from a consistent, high quality, Australian-based insect producer; meaning we can guarantee a consistent, traceable, premium protein for our products.

Free from antibiotics


Antibiotics are used in the meat industry in many countries. In some it is used preventively, and in others to fight infections and diseases that occur in animal husbandry. Our larvae are naturally resistant to disease and grow quickly on their own - which means that antibiotics are never needed. Despite this, an insect farm of black soldier fly larvae has never suffered from disease or parasite outbreaks, something that unfortunately still affects traditional meat production.



Insects are an incredibly resource-efficient protein source, which provides a completely unique sustainability profile. To produce one kg of protein, greenhouse gas emissions are up to 30 times lower than beef. Also use of important resources such as water is lower, even lower than plant-based protein - compared to soy, 330 liters less water is needed for one kilogram of protein. Artificial pesticides are never used and thus do not enter nature. In addition, you don't have to grow any food for the insects - they make use of plant-based food waste that would otherwise go to waste!

Sources: LCA Protix, Parodi et al, House, Mazac, Carbon Cloud


Dog benefits

Petgood Dental Sticks for Dogs are veterinary developed with active ingredients to improve your dogs’ oral and dental hygiene. Featuring premium Australian insect protein which is highly nutritious, digestible and sustainable, Petgood Dental Sticks are also delicious! Check out the Testimonials from some of our happy community here.


Bringing Global Learnings to Australia

Petgood is a leading insect-based pet nutrition group in the EU market and responsible for thousands of healthy and happy pets thriving on insect-based feeds. The strong partnerships with both our European and Australian industry partners, including leading Black Soldier Fly Larvae providers and small animal nutritionists, mean that Petgood are at the forefront of providing optimum nutrition products for pets globally. Petgood has strong research ties with Wageningen University’s Animal Nutrition Group in Europe, an academic establishment with a long history of research into insects for animal feed. 



Hear from some of our happy Australian Petgood community!

Gabriel and “Bruno”


“One of the key aspects that attracted me to the Petgood brand is their commitment to sustainability. The products use a sustainable meat source, ensuring that my dog's nutritional needs are met while reducing its environmental impact. The Petgood products have exceeded my expectations. Their commitment to sustainable sourcing aligns with my values, while the irresistible taste has won the heart of my beloved furry friend, Bruno. Bruno can be picky eater, but Petgood has effortlessly won my dog's taste buds.  I highly recommend Petgood to fellow pet owners who strive to provide their dogs with a nutritious, environmentally friendly, and enjoyable experience. Give it a try and your dog will be wagging its tail!”

Elizabeth and “Rosemary”


“When I decided to adopt Rosemary one of my biggest concerns was what to feed her.  As someone who is very much troubled by the environmental and ethical impacts of high meat consumption, I was dismayed at the thought of feeding my dog meat-based products.  So I was delighted to discover Petgood!  I love that as an insect-based product, it is a much more sustainable source of protein which still provides her with the amino acids and nutrients she needs to thrive.  And she absolutely loves it and gets super excited!”

Kirsty, “Miley” and “Fletcher”


"My dogs absolutely love the Petgood dental sticks. They are firm enough that my dogs spend time chewing on them, so I know it’s helping to clean their teeth. I can definitely recommend them, and they will become an everyday staple in our house."

Dr Sophie and “Bronte”


“As a vet, I know how many pets suffer from periodontal disease. Dental chews can play a role in maintaining oral health. However as a dog mum to Bronte I had a lot of trouble finding chews with a flavour and texture she liked. We went through many brands with no luck, but she immediately took to the Petgood Dental Sticks!”

Lee-Anne, “Cooper”, “Oreo” and “Bella”


“I highly recommend the Petgood products. I use them as high value treats while training our Border Collies, all three absolutely love the taste and are willing to work more when they know they will get some Petgood!”

Gemma, “Andy” and “Rex”


“Here are the faces of two good doggies waiting very patiently for their favourite Petgood treats! What you can’t see is the drool bubbling from their lips in anticipation of all the yummy goodness. We have also been fortunate enough to try the Petgood dog food. Both our boys have found many brands of dog food not so great on their stomachs, but not so with Petgood! Such an easy transition for them. Can’t wait to get the entire range in Australia. Highly recommend!”

Trent, “Lucky” and “Clifford”


“Our dogs love Petgood! Lucky and Clifford get so excited by the food which makes it perfect for training or meals. They drool over the kibble for dinner. We came across Petgood when looking for dog food products that are nutritious, healthy, sustainable, environmentally friendly and Australian-made. We were initially surprised by how much the dogs loved the insect-based products and they truly do love it”.

Julia and Matt, “Amber” and “Skye”


“Huge thanks to Nicky and the team at Petgood for introducing us to insect-protein dental sticks! Our spoodles Amber and Skye love them! Each time we bring the dental sticks out, you can see how excited they are to get their teeth into them. Their vet also commented that their teeth are in great health! And, us humans love the fact that they are eco-friendly. For any pet owner seeking a balance of pet health and sustainability, these dental sticks from Petgood are a must.”