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Infinity Angel


Infinity Angel

Norwegian Forest Cat

Angelica breeds robust, beautiful Norwegian forest cats under the name S*Infinity Angel. Finding a feed that suits all the cats has been a challenge, but with Petgood's food it was finally a successful match for the four-legged - the cats love the food and their stomachs and coats stay in top condition.

Hi Angelica! Tell us a little more about you and your cats

My name is Angelica Östling and I am 42 years old. I am a breeder of the Norwegian Forest Cat and registered in SVERAK with the breed name S*Infinityangel. Together with my family and all our cats, I live on the west coast in Bokenäs, close to nature. The family currently has 7 cats from the ages of 1 to 6 years.

Why did it become the Norwegian forest cat?

I've had my cattery since 2009, but it wasn't until 2017 that I first came into contact with Norwegian forest cats. The cat with its wild appearance and robust body. A real family cat that likes to be involved in the family's everyday life and leisure. The breed was just right for us.

Why did you decide to try Petgood for your cats?

Over the years, I've had cats who were picky but also someone who had a sensitive stomach. I have tried many different types of food and it has been a journey towards the right one for our cats, that suits everyone. I came into contact with Petgood through social media and became curious. It was with excitement that I then had the opportunity to test their food.

How has the feed worked for your cats?

The cats loved the food and we noticed that the fur and stomach condition of the cats were so good. It was an easy decision to continue to feed our cats with Petgood. I have had 2 litters raised with Petgood, they have developed nicely and their new families have become curious about the exciting food I give my cats. Dare to try and make a difference!

We are so happy that you, Angelica and the kitties, are part of our Breeder’s Club and look forward to more lovely little Forest Cat babies!