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Breeder Daloms Tenderly

Daloms Tenderly


Daloms Tenderly

Finnish Lapphunds & German Mittelspitz

Karin runs the kennel Daloms Tenderly, which breeds Finnish lapphunds and German mittelspitz. The kennel has been active since 2015 and is located in Kyrkdal outside Sollefteå. Having good dog food is important to Karin, it should not only come with health benefits, but also planet benefits. Changing your habits and try new things can be hard, but it is also important for the development, especially when it comes to dog food. After reading about petgood, she therefore decided to give it a try. It turned out to be the right choice and today the dogs eat petgood with great appetite, which we at petgood are so happy about.

In the background you can hear footsteps from the forest road and one or two woofs, Karin at kennel Daloms Tenderly is out for a walk with her pack of Finnish Lapphund dogs and German Mittelspitz. Tindra, a 5-year-old Lapphund female, is 5 weeks pregnant, so in just over a month addition to the pack is expected.

“Tindra has eaten petgood's puppy food since the mating. Sometimes she can be a little difficult with the food during her pregnancy, but she has eaten this food with a good appetite. She looks great and has previously had litters with 5-6 puppies so we have high hopes for a wonderful litter now"

Two of the younger dogs in the pack, two six-month-old Lapphund dogs, also eat petgood's puppy food.

“We see a big difference in the young dogs' fur, they are beautiful and shiny. The dogs feel vigorous and have a radiant energy, and I have not seen that difference before after a change of food. They also eat it with great appetite!”

Having a good dogfeed is important for Karin, both that it should be healthy for the dog and for the environment. Health is important for the dogs' well-being and function, as they are active and working dogs. The breeds were chosen by Karin for their charisma, versatility and wonderful willingness to work. During the walk, she activates them with search exercises and gives them tasks so that they can work with their excellent noses and get an outlet for their need for stimulation.

“The dogs have a great joy in their work and their mentality is very important in my breeding, they should have a lot of energy but they must also have an 'on and off button'. I have dogs that have been sold to Lapland to herd reindeer in the snow, and then they must be able to give everything when it comes to, but also be able to relax to recover"

After reading about petgood's insect-based food and ingredients, she decided to give it a try to see how it worked for her dogs, and then joined petgood's breeding program.

“I have been looking for a good feed from an environmental aspect, and came in contact with petgood. We have to be willing to change our habits and try new things, and I thought the feed and the idea felt very well thought through. I decided to try the food on the young dogs first and think that it worked very well, as some of them were a little picky about the food we tried before. Now that the first litter is on the feed, it will be so exciting! ”

We at petgood could not agree more, and we are so excited for the follow-up with the little litter that is expected in just over a month! To be continued…