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Nova Scotia Duck tolling retriever

The Nova Scotia Duck tolling retriever Simba has struggled with a number of different health problems. But with a pet parent who always wants the best for her dog, never gave up and continued to search for answers and solutions, they switched to petgood in 2021. The food became the solution to many of Simba's problems and today Simba is better than ever.

Meet our lovely ambassador Simba the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever!

Woof Simba! Nice to meet you! Can you tell me what your favourite thing to do is?

I love to do everything as long as I get to do it with my hooman mom! Even veterinary visits are fun when she's around.

What is your favourite toy?

I love brooms, haha! They have excited me ever since I was a puppy and I still get crazy when I find one.

Can you tell me something pawsome about yourself?

When I was one year old, I was woken up with the Swedish birthday song "Ja må han leva" and a dog-friendly birthday cake. I still get super excited every time I hear that song because I know that means treats are coming my way! 

Can you also recommend a paw-friendly café or restaurant?

Our biggest favourite in Stockholm is Café Kajsa, that you can find in Norra Hammarbyhamnen and Vitabergsparken. They always give me a few treats and they have bowls for water. Apart from that, me and my hooman like  Brewdog, it can be a bit crowded there but that's fine with me, and they have a whole dog menu to choose from! We have also been to Lokes bar on Bondegatan, they are also always so sweet to me. Also, all the Espresso House cafés are dog-friendly.