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Ambassador Amanda Sjölander



High Peak's

Border collies

Say hello to the agility enthusiast Amanda and her border collies. Already at the age of 16, she became an agility instructor and has since traveled around the country for various competitions and judging assignments. In addition to her great interest in agility, she also runs the kennel High Peak and breeds border collies. Protecting our planet's resources is something close to Amanda's heart. She has been convinced that insect-based dog food is the future for a long time ago and became interested in testing it as soon as she saw it was available on the market. Today the whole gang eats petgood - the dogs love it and for Amanda it feels safe to provide such a high-quality and pure source of protein.

Hello Amanda and welcome to the petgood family!

Tell us briefly about you, your dogs and how your interest in border collies started?

My name is Amanda, I live in Piteå and have loved dogs for as long as I can remember! I got my first dog, an Australian Shepherd named Trissa, when I was 10 years old and have since been very interested in agility and herding. After I got to try herding with Trissa, I knew that my next dog would be a border collie or working kelpie with which I would invest more in herding. I was told about a border collie litter where there was an available female and after a visit it was decided, I fell head over heels for the female that was left, Accra. We have traveled all over the country to competitions and championships in various disciplines. I started the kennel and kept a puppy from Accra's first litter, named Riga who is the mother of London, who in turn just had her first litter where I kept Praia. So my 4 border collies are 4 generations, which is both fun and exciting to be able to manage your own “results”.

You run a kennel, what made you start breeding and what do you see as the biggest challenges?

It was never intended that I would start a kennel, but with Accra the choice became very easy. She is a fantastic dog and a fantastic example of her breed, she was such a simple first border collie even though I was very green in herding, she took me on many trips through Sweden to various competitions and championships. We grew together and were praised by coaches. I knew I wanted a puppy from Accra. There my journey as a breeder began! Breeding is incredibly complex, but also so exciting and fun to follow the journeys of all puppy buyers with their beautiful dogs who took their first breaths with me.

So fun that you both compete and are a judge in agility. How did you become interested in agility in particular? Do you have any goals when it comes to agility?

I was hooked on agility the first time I saw it, long before I got my first dog. Even then it was clear to me that I wanted to train agility, at that time I helped at agility competitions and thought it looked like a lot of fun! After several years of consistently asking my parents, I finally got my own agility dog ​​Trissa, which is where my journey in agility began.

I trained as an agility instructor when I was 16 (as early as you could according to the rules) and then I started organizing competitions. When I take an interest in something, I go for it 110% and I knew I wanted to be part of the development of agility, so I trained as a judge and joined the board of the Swedish Agility Club. Driving around to do classes and judge competitions is one of the most fun things I know! I love watching the participants run my courses and find solutions to challenges! When it comes to goals and dreams, I have many, me and my dogs are really passionate about agility and we want to reach as far as we can, we hope to compete among the elite at competitions and championships. I also dream of going around the world on referee assignments.

How did you become interested in petgood and our insect-based products?

I have been convinced that insect-based dog food is the future since a long time ago. I became interested in testing as soon as I saw it come out on the market and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw petgood, which is also a Swedish company. After testing both the feed, the treats and the dental sticks from wins at an agility competition, I only became more convinced that this is the solution of the future.

We are in a climate crisis where meat production is unsustainable. I also think it is sad that most dog food companies import meat from countries where animal husbandry is unethical, therefore insect-based dog food feels like a very good solution, both for the reduced need for resources and emissions but also because the insect protein does not contain antibiotics or growth hormones, something that many foreign meats do. Insects are a very clean raw ingredient and it feels safe to give to the dogs. My dogs eat petgood's food, treats and dental sticks with good appetite!

Finally, do you have any other tips for other pet owners? Can be anything from an exercise to strengthen your relationship, to a fun meal activation!

Wow, there is so much! I would like to say that the relationship between dog and owner is everything. I do a lot of relationship-building exercises in everyday obedience. It's everything from contact exercises, shaping exercises and tricks. My biggest tip would be to take a course! Find someone you look up to who contributes to a positive impact on you and your dog's relationship. A positive relationship based on mutual trust is the first piece of the puzzle to succeed!