Dog safe Christmas

A dog-friendly x-mas

Christmas is truly a festive holiday with impressions for all the senses - the smell of saffron and cinnamon, the sight of the candlelights, the so...

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ash in dog food

Ash in Dog Food?

Ash in dog food? What is it and what does it consist of? Raw ash Ash in dog food sounds scary because it's not something we humans would want to ea...

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Bad breath in dogs

My dog has bad breath?

Dogs can experience bad breath due to a variety of reasons, but by far the most common is poor oral hygiene or having tartar. Here we explain why s...

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Homemade dog treats

Homemade dog popsicles! 🍦

The summer is finally here and the time has come to treat your furry friend with homemade ice cream/ popsicles! ☀️ What's better than cooling your ...

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Dog summer tips

Summer with your dog ☀️

The summer is finally here ☀️ Swim, play and be free - here are our best summer tips to prepare you for a sunny summer with your dog 💚 Time for th...

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