Clipping your dogs claws ๐Ÿถ

Clipping your dog's claws can feel awkward but if you have practiced a couple of times, it is quite easy to perform by yourself. It is important to keep their claws short by trimming their claws. Also, check their paws and anything between their toes.

Puppies usually do not get dry paws, but some dogs may need to be lubricated. After a walk in sand or road salt, it is important to rinse their paws afterward. But do not forget to dry them properly afterward.

We know that claw trimming can be a little scary and that it may not feel completely natural the first time. When it's time to cut your doggie's claws for the first time, it's good to get help from someone with experience who has done it before. Get your puppy used to claw cutting right away and make it something natural. Stay calm and relaxed so your puppy feels safe.

๐Ÿพ Preparations and position for claw clipping on dog

Standing, lying down, or sitting? What works best is individual. Test yourself, what feels good can depend on the size of your dog.

๐Ÿพ How to cut the claws?

Use a claw clipper for dogs that also matches your dog's size and make sure it is sharp and maintained. A tip is to first get your dog used to the claw clipper by touching the claws with it and then immediately reward with sweets. Do it a couple of times and your dog will soon associate the claw clipper with something positive! When you then start clipping, hold their paws in a firm grip and remove the claw out by pressing on their paw. The pulp is visible as a pink part of the nail on white-colored dog claws, on dark claws you have to look and get a feel for it. It is possible to cut the hard part of the claw, but not the inner part. Cut a little at a time so you do not cut the pulp by mistake, a tip is to file the last bits of the claws.

We hope claw clipping and paw care will be a pawsitive experience for both of you ๐ŸŒŸ

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