Teaching your puppy to be Home Alone πŸ’™

Our four-legged friends are herd animals and may find it challenging to be left alone. It is vital to start with home-alone training when your dog is a puppy.

When and how do you start?

You can start training your puppy early from the safety of your home. However, in the first half of its life, the puppy should not be left alone for more than a short period. When you start their training, the period of being alone should only be for a couple of minutes which is then increased gradually. In the beginning, it is sufficient to leave the puppy and go into the adjacent room. One tip is to use a dog fence to block their ability to follow you. In the beginning, it's okay for your puppy to see and hear you.

No biggie

When the training ends, do not make a big deal of it, and act as if the separation was nothing special. If your puppy becomes desperate when you are away and does not calm down, you of course need to go back to it. But don't make a big deal out of leaving it or coming back.

Baby steps

After having trained for a while, you gradually increase the degree of loneliness. For example, the first couple of times the dog might see you in the next room, while the next time the door between you is completely closed.

Finally, if the above goes well, you are ready to leave your home without your companion. Do not forget to create the right conditions for leaving the dog home alone; a rested and relaxed dog is more receptive. Feel free to wait a while if you have been outdoors, so your puppy gets a chance to unwind and calm down before you leave.

We know it takes time and can be a tough challenge sometimes - but it's a vital investment for both of you.

It's tasty. It's nutritious. It's natural. It's sustainable. It's science-based. It's the pet food revolution.

Pernilla Westergren, Founder & CEO