Practicing nose work with your dog!

Practicing Nose work with your dog!

A great way to stimulate your dog but also a fun way to socialize. Nosework is a sport first developed in the USA and is suitable for all kinds of dogs be them small, large, old, young - everyone can participate. Here we go! 💚

Nose work - how to do it?

We will go through how you and your dog practice Nose work together.

Nosework - why?

Although Nose work is not very strenuous physically, it is an excellent mental activity that results in a happy dog.

It does not only train the nose

The scents used in the nose work are Eucalyptus, bay leaf, and lavender. The scents can be hidden anywhere. When the dog identifies the scents, their self-confidence is also strengthened. Therefore, coursework can be good for insecure dogs who through the sport become more confident!

How to start?

Start by attaching the scent to a top or a cotton ball and then put it in a jar with holes in it. Let the dog smell and always treat them with sweets as a reward. This makes the scent valuable for the dog, thus, repeat a few times until the dog understands that the scent is valuable.

The next step is to put the scent in a smaller box or similar. You also put sweets in the box. Then place the box among other boxes on the floor and let the dog search. If it's too difficult, start with fewer boxes. Remember to always praise and reward as soon as the dog finds the right one and as often as possible. Reward the dog every time it finds the scent.

After a while, the dog understands that it is precisely the scent that it should look for. Then you remove the candy and focus only on the scent. This increases the difficulty.

Now it's also time to move the scent and train in different places. Test both outdoors and indoors!

For the dog to continue to think it is fun, you should keep it relatively simple for a long time. If it gets difficult, go down to the previous level. It should be fun for both you and the dog!

Simpler nose work

If your dog is not into performance, nose work can be a good game. Practicing, searching, and developing their sense of smell is excellent for their development. It is just as fun to increase the level of difficulty or continue on an easier level. Remember, the dog should have fun.

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