My dog has bad breath?

Dogs can experience bad breath due to a variety of reasons, but by far the most common is poor oral hygiene or having tartar. Here we explain why some dogs have bad breath and what can be done to prevent and treat it.

My dog has bad breath, what is the cause?

A strange odor from the dog's mouth is called halitosis. 

By far, the most common cause of halitosis is tartar, which is important to treat at the veterinary clinic for good dental health but also good breath. Poor dental health can lead to inflamed gums, which in turn can contribute to worse conditions. Brush your dog's teeth and remove tartar regularly to support good oral hygiene. You can aid your dog's oral care by giving your dog petgood dental sticks, which include zinc to promote good bacterial flora in the mouth, mint and parsley for a fresh breath, and special fibers that gives a brushing effect and help keep the teeth clean.

Halitosis could also be due to stomach issues, or originate from food that gets stuck in the dog's teeth, gingival pockets or lips. Dogs with a lot of fur or lip folds might also get skin infections around their mouth, which also causes a bad odour. What is important to remember is that dogs have a completely different diet than humans, which means that what is perceived as a normal scent for us, is not that of your dog. 

petgood dental sticks

Our dental sticks are developed to maintain good dental hygiene for your dog. Each pack consists of 7 dental sticks, and the recommended intake is one dental stick per day. The ingredients are carefully selected and the product is developed together with veterinarians and dental experts for the best effect on your dog.

More about the ingredients in the dental stick

  • Insect protein for a healthy dog ​​and the planet
  • Sodium hexametaphosphate to counteract tartar
  • Vitamin C inhibits the growth of bacterial plaque
  • Zinc to support healthy teeth and healthy gums
  • Mint and parsley that promote a fresh breath
  • Special fibers that create a brushing effect and help control plaque and tartar

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