Homemade dog popsicles! 🍦

The summer is finally here and the time has come to treat your furry friend with homemade ice cream/ popsicles! ☀️ What's better than cooling your friend with a popsicle in the heat?

Dog popsicles!

Dogs should not eat ice cream/ popsicles with too much sugar or lactose, but there are ways to eat appropriate popsicles made for them anyways! Popsicles are a good way for the dog to cool off during the summer. Here is a recipe for nutritious, cooling, and tasty dog ​​popsicles!

Dog popsicles with petgood:

What you need:

Popsicle molds

petgood dental sticks


petgood dog food

Other goodies (eg peas or carrots)

Do the following:

Fill the molds with water and top up with petgood complete food (for puppies or adult dogs). It is optional to add extra fruit and vegetables, foods, whatever your dog loves! 🍅🥬🍉🌽

As it is a popsicle, the dog needs to lick it, which allows for a soothing experience for your dog. In addition, the dog gets extra fluids. A popsicle is perfect during long car trips to soothe a dog that is a little stressed, or just bored.

 The popsicle can be given to an adult dog as well as a puppy (just adjust the food you use).

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It's tasty. It's nutritious. It's natural. It's sustainable. It's science-based. It's the pet food revolution.

Pernilla Westergren, Founder & CEO