Commands to teach your dog πŸš€

Did you know that most dogs can learn around 100 commands? What commands do you want to teach your dog?

Using commands is very useful when training your puppy. You choose which ones you want to use and for what. Below we have summarized a small inspiration list with some common commands.

Commands for your dog:


Used to call the attention of your puppy (and later your adult dog). The command can be learned by using the name often and paying attention when the dog listens to it.


Used to convey a desired action/behavior. Be careful with your tone to make it clear that it is just "good". Then also praise with sweets while using this command.


Used to convey that an action or behavior is not allowed. Here the tone is especially important and should be more determined than a positive command.


Command to tell your dog to look for something. Teach by letting your dog looking for treats


Used to convey that your puppy should let go of something it has in its mouth. You can teach your dog this command by playing tug of war with one of the dog's favorite toys. When the dog then releases, you say "let-go" and praise it with candy.


Used to indicate that the dog should stay in a particular place. The command shows that the dog should not follow his instinct and follow you, his herd leader, but instead, remain in the place where he is. Furthermore, this can also be used during walks to tell the dog to stop.

What are your favorite commands to train with your dog? Feel free to tag us in your posts on Instagram and we'll see! Have so much fun 🐢

Good luck!

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