A Housetrained puppy πŸ’©

Be attentive indoors and patient. Wait until your puppy completes his needs outdoors and you will quickly get a housetrained puppy!

3 occasions to be a little extra aware of

Most puppies become housetrained at 3-6 months, but at first, they have difficulties holding it in and also urinating and pooping several times a day. As the puppy gets older, there are three occasions to pay extra attention to. This is when your puppy has just woken up when it has played or after it has eaten or drank water.

Many walks in the beginning

In the beginning, many walks are required to make a puppy house trained. It will take some time but consistency is key. A tip is to have shoes and outerwear easily accessible so that you can get dressed on the go! Do not give your puppy food too late in the evening, as you will create good conditions for it to have time to fulfill its needs before you go to bed. It can also be a good idea to limit the puppy's space at night to provide peace, which creates better control over any accidents. If your puppy goes to the toilet indoors, there is no point in getting angry, it just makes your puppy insecure. This is because it does not understand the difference between going outside or inside.

Find a quiet place

Find a quiet place near your home where your puppy can go to the toilet. Always walk in the same place, so the puppy understands faster what he needs to do. Do not forget to give proper praise when the puppy has fulfilled his needs!

Hang in there 🌟

P.S A tip is to get an absorbent mat to have indoors. Partly to facilitate any accidents and partly because you can then pay attention if your puppy is moving towards the carpet.

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