We are petgood, a Swedish food tech
company. As many inventions, ours was based on the problems we faced ourselves. Looking for healthy, high quality dog food without traditional meat, we came to the stunning conclusion that this does not exist. Huh? And we learnt that pets are estimated to account for around 25% of all meat consumption. Light bulb moment! We can solve two challenges at the same time. The best food for our dogs, that is more sustainable at the same time. So we gave it a go.

We decided to build an inclusive brand, a movement. In which we use realtime learnings to improve. We learn from vets and nutritionists, of course! We take science and data as the solid basis for everything we do. But equally important, we consider our customers as partners in our movement. So that tomorrow we know even better than today. ​The bigger we grow, the better we can make a positive impact. The love for dogs and the love for our planet will be our guiding principles. That is a promise. We hope this inspires you to join. So that together we can make a real difference. Together we are petgood. The do good pet food. ​


The story of petgood has its roots in 2020, when our founder, Pernilla, welcomed Siri, a yellow labrador into her family. Finding a dog food that would make Siri and the planet happy and healthy, was a real struggle. While investigating the different options on the market, she learned the pet food industry was a huge burden on our planet, and in desperate need of a revolution. This was the starting point of petgood.