Our production

Our dog food and dental sticks are produced together with partners with long experience of producing nutritious and healthy dog food with high-quality ingredients. All ingredients are traceable and 99.9% of the content in our food comes from Europe. This ensures that only the highest quality dog food ends up in your dog's food bowl! Read more about the benefits for your dog here.

Our dog food production

The production of our complete food for adult dogs and puppies takes place in the Netherlands, together with a partner who has extensive experience in producing nutritious and healthy dog food with high-quality ingredients. The dog food is produced through a high-pressure cooking process where the ingredients are treated under high temperature, high pressure and high shear forces to improve digestibility and ensure feed hygiene. Combining high pressure and high temperature with a short treatment time optimises health effects while minimizing any adverse effects from the heat.


Our production partner carry the certification: FSSC 22000. This means that they meet the standards that apply to guarantee safe feed handling.

Our dental stick production

Our dental sticks are produced together with a partner located in Spain, with long experience of making nutritious and useful snacks for dogs.


The production facility and our partner carry the following certifications: