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About us

Who are Petgood?


We are Petgood, the do good pet food. We are a Swedish company that works for a more transparent and sustainable pet world where dogs and cats can eat healthy food without burdening the planet's resources.

We currently offer dog food, cat food and other sustainable products based on insects. Insects are an animal protein source, rich in the same essential amino acids and nutrients that your dog or cat would get from traditional meat. Like meat, but better!

How do you work with sustainability?


At Petgood, we love pets, but we also love our amazing planet – we're driven to reduce our four-legged family members' climate impact and global pawprint. Our focus on sustainability has been the driving force behind our dog food revolution and the reason Petgood was founded and we launched our first product, a complete food based on insect protein.

Can I buy your product in stores?


Yes, our products are available at several pet stores and veterinary clinics. You can find all our retailers here.

Where can I find your terms and conditions?


You will find our full terms and conditions here. In our help center you can also find more information about right of withdrawal, complaints or taste guarantee.

How can I get in touch with you?


The easiest way to get in touch with us is to write in the chat bubble at the bottom right, or email us at If your matter concerns an order, please send your order number directly so that it will be easier for us to help you! You can also contact us on phone number +46 8 520 276 99 where we will answer during office hours, or send us a message on our Instagram or Facebook!

Where can I read your reviews?


Feel free to visit Trustpilot where you can read reviews from hundreds of our customers!


How do I make a transition from my old feed to Petgood?


It is always recommended to make a gradual transition when switching from one feed to another, so that the stomach can adjust. Make a transition during 10 days, where you gradually increase the amount of new feed, and reduce the old.

Keep in mind that some pets may need a longer transition period. In this article you can read more.

How much food should I give my dog or cat?


You will find feeding recommendations on the food bag or on the product page for the product. The feed table is based on different parameters depending on age or activity level, but must always be adapted to the individual dog or cat's needs.

You can also do our smooth feeding planner and get a recommendation tailored to your pet's needs!

When should I switch to adult food for my dog or cat?


We recommend that you choose our adult food when your dog or cat is around one year old.

Where can I find the ingredients?


You will find a complete list of contents on the product page for each product. You can also find it on the packaging.

Is the food suitable for dogs/cats with allergies?


Our feed is a standard diet, but we only use a new and unusual protein source - insect protein. Thanks to the fact that the dog or cat has not encountered the protein source before, the risk of an allergic reaction is lower. Our feed contains no other animal ingredients and is, in other words, free of common food allergens such as beef, chicken, dairy products, lamb and eggs.

We always recommend owners of a pet with a suspected or confirmed allergy to consult their veterinarian for advice on food selection. In the articles below, you can read more about insect protein in case of food allergy in dogs or cats.

Does the feed contain gluten and/or grains?


Our feed contains oats as a source of energy and healthy dietary fibre. Oats are a nutritious and naturally gluten-free grain, and the feed therefore does not contain gluten.

How long is the feed's shelf life and how should I store it?


The shelf life of the feed in unopened packaging is 18 months. The feed should be kept cool, dry and dark if possible. Opened bags should be consumed within 2-3 months.

Where is your food produced?


Our feed is manufactured in the Netherlands, in close proximity to our insect farm.


Which insect species are in your products?


In all our products we use only one species of insect, the black soldier fly larvae (Hermetia illucens). You can read more about it and how the sustainable production takes place on this page.

Why do you use black soldier fly?


The vision behind our products is to be able to combine animal health and sustainability. The larva of the black soldier fly is used as it is very rich in nutrition and protein for dogs and cats, as well as sustainable and resource-efficient to produce. On this page you can read more.

Where is the insect farm?


The insect farm we collaborate with is located in the Netherlands.

Does the feed contain other animal protein besides insects?


No, insects are the only animal ingredient in our feed.

Order, shipping & payment

To which countries do you deliver?


We deliver throughout the EU and Switzerland.

How long is the delivery time?


The delivery time is 1-4 days within Sweden, and 2-6 days within the rest of the EU.

Can I track my package?


Yes, you can track your package via the link you received in your email when your order was shipped. If you can't find it, please email us at with your order number and we'll help you out.

Can I change/cancel an order?


If you want to make any changes to a placed order, email us as soon as possible at with your order number and we will look into your case.

There is a problem with my order/product, what do I do?


If there is something wrong with your received order, email us at and we will help you. Please include the order number and any photos directly.

What payment methods can I use?


For one-time purchases, we offer Klarna and direct payment by bank card. For subscription, we can currently only offer card payment.

Do you have taste guarantee?


We offer a taste guarantee if your pet does not like the food. In this article you will find full terms of the taste guarantee and how to use it.

Subscription & my account

What is the binding period?


Our subscriptions have no commitment periods. You can end your subscription at any time.

You could also adjust the schedule or skip a delivery if you have too much food at home.

What about shipping if I have a subscription?


When subscribing, we always offer free home delivery. If you would like a specific shipping option, email us and we can adjust.

I want to change my subscription, how do I do it?


You can make changes to your subscription by logging into your account and clicking through to subscriptions. There you can then adjust, among other things, the content of the subscription or the delivery interval. You can also email us at and we will help you.

I'm having trouble logging into my Petgood account?


When logging in, you enter your email address and receive a 6-digit code sent to you. You then enter this code on the login page.

If you can't find your code, don't forget to check your spam folder and double-check that you've entered your email correctly. If you still have problems, email us at and we will help you.