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Puppy food

Do you want to give your puppy nutritious food and at the same time minimize your climate impact? Then Petgood is for you! Our puppy food contains everything your pup needs to grow and develop - also sustainable and tasty!

Petgood is the best petfood we have given our dogs

For the past two years, Kustmarken, with 30 years of professional experience breeding more than 500 working dogs, have been feeding all their dogs Petgood.

"The dogs have healthy stomachs, ideal body condition, shiny coats, and most importantly - they fully absorb the nutrients. Petgood is the best pet food we have ever used" - Robert Jönsson, founder of Kustmarken.

Brumma gets to taste our dog treats with insect protein

The best for your pup and our planet

Our dog food is based on the black soldier fly. Their larvae are rich in protein and essential amino acids, just like your pup would get from traditional meat, and has high digestibility. Our diet also provides prebiotics for a healthy intestinal flora.

High quality protein


Insects are incredibly nutrient-rich. They are an animal protein source, rich in the same essential amino acids that your pet would get from traditional meat. This means that insects contain all the protein and amino acids your dog needs to get energy and build muscles.

As a bonus, the black soldier fly larvae have high digestibility, which means that your pet can easily digest and absorb the valuable protein. On top of that, our amazing insects also provide essential fatty acids and minerals!

Supports gut health


Our diets contains healthy dietary fibers and prebiotics from natural sources, which has proven beneficial effects on the intestinal bacterial flora. Just like in humans, research has shown how a healthy intestinal flora in dogs has positive effects on the body's well-being and general immune system.

Nutrients that feed the good bacteria in the gut are called prebiotics. Our feed contains several natural prebiotics, to give the good intestinal bacteria optimal conditions to thrive. Dietary fiber contributes with an increased feeling of satiety, a healthy movement of intestines and passage time of the feed. In our feed, among other ingredients, beetroot contributes with natural dietary fibre. This, in combination with our products being naturally gluten free, make them extra kind to the digestive system.

DHA fatty acid for healthy brain development


Our puppy diet contains higher levels of a specific omega-3 fatty acid called Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). DHA is essential for a healthy development of the puppy's brain, retina and nervous system

Production free from antibiotics


Our products are packed with nutrition from natural and carefully selected ingredients, and added vitamins and minerals. Insects is our only animal ingredient - the rest is plant based. Our insects are resistant to disease and grow quickly on their own. Thanks to this, our production is completely free of unwanted substances such as antibiotics and growth hormones.

Planet friendly


You can choose climate-smart dog food by choosing products with insect protein. Insects are incredibly resource-efficient compared to traditional protein sources, which makes them a natural choice. Insects need less water and food, take up almost no space at all and cause less carbon dioxide emissions. Also, did you know that our larvae only eat food waste?

Visit Sustainability to learn more.

Based on research


We always follow the latest scientific recommendations on nutrition when creating our recipes. Our products are developed by our own team of vets and small animal nutritionists to ensure the best possible nutrition for dogs and promote their health. Additionally, in collaboration with leading universities, Petgoods' veterinary team is actively advancing research on insect protein.