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Ambassador Krysset and Xtrem

Krysset and Xtrem

Krysset and Xtrem

Belgian shepherds

Meet Micke and his Belgian shepherds, Krysset and his son Xtrem. The dogs work as service dogs and their special areas are protection, search and drug detection. The dogs have a lot of energy and thrive when they get to activate both their bodies and their brains, which they get an outlet for in their important work together with Micke.

Welcome to the petgood family! Who are you?

My name is Carl-Mikael Nordensvan, 42 years old and I live in Ale just outside Gothenburg. I am the owner of two Belgian Shepherds, Malinois: 7-year-old Mecberger X'it, "Krysset", and Blackneck's D'Xtrem, "X". Krysset is the father of my new star, Xtrem.

What do your dogs do in their job as service dogs?

I work for a large security company as a dog handler and guard. Krysset is with me, primarily for protection, but also search tasks, such as helping me investigate if anyone is still in the area I'm called to. They are also there to help protect my colleagues if they call and need help, for example in public environments such as in central Gothenburg or in shopping centres. Krysset is also a narcotic search dog, where we visit companies and schools and carry out drug searches. Xtrem's mission is to eventually take over his dad's role!

How did you start working with dogs for search and protection?

I have always liked dogs since I was little, and did my military service as a dog handler in a special unit. Then I took a break for a few years and have done pretty much everything you can do in the security field, but finally fell back on what I like to work with the most: dogs! My special area is service dog training and the special search, even though we train other things as well, and also have done some competitions.

Which characteristics are particularly important for the dog in this work?

They need to be dogs with a great will to please. They must also be social and nice dogs. Something that for me is the most important thing to train at an early age is environmental training in many different kinds of environments: out in the city, metal staircases, dark and cramped spaces, slippery floors - that is, everything that my adult dog may be exposed to at work.

What would you say is special about the Malinois? 

What I like about Malinois is that they want to work: they want to please, and they're always asking for more. It is a very all-round working dog that you can have for everything. It is not a dog that feels good just lying at home and waiting for its owner, and then going for a walk - it is a working dog that needs to work a lot with its body but above all its brain to be satisfied!

How did you come into contact with petgood and how does it work for your dogs?

I met petgood at the Gothenburg Horse Show where we had a working-dog-demonstration with my company. There I met Pernilla and we had a nice conversation and my boys went crazy just smelling the bags! So we decided to test. The boys feel great on the food and are great in body condition and fur, so we are super happy!

Thank you Carl-Mikael, Krysset and Xtrem, and we are so happy to have you with us!