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Thousands of dogs eats insects

Benefits for the dog

Our insect-based dog food comes with many benefits for your four-legged friend. Our insect protein is rich in the same essential nutrients that your pet would get from traditional meat, and has high digestibility. Our diet also provides prebiotics and dietary fiber, for a healthy intestinal flora.

High quality protein


Insects are incredibly nutrient-rich. They are an animal protein source, rich in the same essential amino acids that your pet would get from traditional meat. This means that insects contain all the protein and amino acids your dog needs to get energy and build muscles.

As a bonus, the black soldier fly larvae have high digestibility, which means that your pet can easily digest and absorb the valuable protein. On top of that, our amazing insects also provide essential fatty acids and minerals!

Based on research


Current research confirms the many benefits from using black soldier fly larvae as a protein source for dogs. On this page, our lead veterinarian Nicky Sluczanowski has summarized this research, and you can also dive deeper into the studies behind it.

Our products are developed with veterinarians and nutritionists to ensure an optimal nutritional profile. All our recipes are based on the nutritional recommendations from FEDIAF, an organisation that regularly publish new guidelines for dog and cat nutrition based on the latest research. Our dental sticks are also developed with veterinary dental specialists to ensure a premium oral health product for your dog.

No antibiotics


Our products are packed with nutrition from natural and carefully selected ingredients, and added vitamins and minerals. Insects is our only animal ingredient - the rest is plant based. Our insects are resistant to disease and grow quickly on their own. Thanks to this, our production is completely free of unwanted substances such as antibiotics and growth hormones.