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Allergic to basically everything

Meet Ana, the carpathian shepherd who was adopted from Romania to Sweden at the age of 7 months. According to a veterinary investigation, it turned out that Ana was allergic to basically everything. Ana's pet parent decided to test petgood. To their great surprise, they soon saw an improvement in both appetite, stool and fur. Talk about happiness for the whole family!

  • Carpathian shepherd dog

  • 2.5 years

  • Loves to fool around and go for long walks

  • Is friends with everyone and is an exemplary watchdog

Hi my name is Ana, and this is my story

I was born in Romania and lived there with my mother and other animal friends on a farm, until I was 7 months old. Then I was adopted to Sweden and today I live with my new pet parents.

When I came to Sweden I was quite thin and weighed 28 kg, which is too little for my breed, as I am quite a big dog. I also had problems with itching everywhere. My paws and ears were red from all the scratching.

For my itching, we sought help from a veterinarian and there we were advised to test allergy food. It was the only thing I was allowed to eat and I was on a strict diet. We tested it for a while but saw no improvement. After that, I had to switch to taking cortisone for 6 weeks and I got very tired of it. We had to continue the investigation.

Back at the vet, we took some new samples and it turned out that I was allergic to everything. My food, surroundings, and I had mites. My pet parent had already ordered petgood, so we gave it a go and started testing.

After a month with petgood, we went back to the vet. I then had a better appetite, healthier poop and my coat was also very nice. And the vet said "continue with that food, I see that she is feeling great"!

For my itching I also got a special medicine, so today I have no problems with that either. After even longer on the petgood food I also put on muscle and gained valuable kilos. I love petgood, not only because it has made me healthy, it is also so tasty!