Petgood Ambassador Lina Dolk

Lina Dolk

Lina Dolk is a well-known name in the horse world and a true inspirer with a great passion for animals. At the family farm in Sparreholm, Sweden, there are not only horses, but also the active and (formerly very picky) border collie Charlie and the stable cat Bellman. With Petgood's insect food, Lina knows that the animals are getting all the nutrition they need, while doing something good for the environment.

Reasons to chose Petgoods petfood

Why choose Petgood

High quality protein

Our protein source, the black soldier fly, is rich in amino acids with high digestibility - valuable nutrients your pet needs!

Based on research

We base all the products we develop on science. Product development is led by our veterinarian, Dr. Nicky Sluczanowski.

Good for planet and pet

Our insects are fed with plant-based by-products - which means that they convert food waste into high quality protein for your pet!

Petgood is the best petfood we have given our dogs

For the past two years, Kustmarken, with 30 years of professional experience breeding more than 500 working dogs, have been feeding all their dogs Petgood.

"The dogs have healthy stomachs, ideal body condition, shiny coats, and most importantly - they fully absorb the nutrients. Petgood is the best pet food we have ever used" - Robert Jönsson, founder of Kustmarken.


Petgood x Sustainability

Our mission is to create a better future for pets, people and the planet we share.

Our sustainability work

Based on research

In collaboration with leading universities, petgood's veterinary team is engaged in research projects within the fields of insect-based pet food.

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