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Petgood Ambassador Lina Dolk

Petgood is the best petfood we have given our dogs

Lina Dolk is a well-known name in the horse world and a true inspirer with a great passion for animals. At the family farm in Sparreholm, Sweden, there are not only horses, but also the active and (formerly very picky) border collie Charlie and the stable cat Bellman. With Petgood's insect food, Lina knows that the animals are getting all the nutrition they need, while doing something good for the environment.


Our insects = 100% free from antibiotics

Did you know that approximately 70% of all antibiotics are used for livestock globally, and that this contributes to antibiotic resistance? Antibiotics are still widely used in meat production in many countries, and it can be difficult to know where the meat in pet food comes from.

Our insects are so naturally strong and healthy that antibiotics are never needed. Antibiotic resistance is today one of the biggest threats to global public health according to the WHO - so here too you can make a difference for a sustainable future by switching to Petgood.


Petgood x Sustainability

Our mission is to create a better future for pets, people and the planet we share.

Our sustainability work

Based on research

In collaboration with leading universities, petgood's veterinary team is engaged in research projects within the fields of insect-based pet food.

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