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Reasons to chose Petgoods petfood

Why is it important to reduce the use of antibiotics?

The discovery of antibiotics in the 1930s revolutionized healthcare by treating diseases previously incurable. However, their widespread use led to resistance in some bacteria. This growing issue of antibiotic resistance, classified by WHO as one of the greatest global health threats, necessitates reducing antibiotic use to effectively address it.


Antibiotics and Traceability

Antibiotics are excessively used in the animal industry, where about 70% of global antibiotic consumption goes to animal breeding. In cat and dog food, it is often difficult to determine the origin and type of meat due to low traceability. This makes it challenging to gain insight into the use of antibiotics and practices in animal husbandry.


Why is the production of insect protein free from antibiotics?

In the production of Petgoods' insect protein, there is never any need for antibiotics - neither as a preventive measure nor for treating illnesses. This is because the species used, larvae of the black soldier fly, have an exceptional immune system and are naturally resistant to diseases. They also grow rapidly on their own.

Therefore, when you feed your dog or cat Petgood, you can be certain that you are not contributing to antibiotic resistance through the food they eat. You can also be assured that antibiotics or medicinal residues never end up in Petgoods' food.


Petgood x Sustainability

Our mission is to create a better future for pets, people and the planet we share.

Our sustainability work

Based on research

In collaboration with leading universities, petgood's veterinary team is engaged in research projects within the fields of insect-based pet food.

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