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Wisborgens Breeding Dogs


Cocker spaniel

Mary runs Wisborgen's kennel and breeds hunting cocker spaniels. She also runs "Hundsporthallen" located in Kungsängen, where she meets many dogs and dog owners. Mary has had several litters on petgood and we have been delighted to take part in the puppies' nice development. The dogs love the food and we are so grateful that Mary is helping us educate about the many benefits of choosing insect-based food, share her own experiences and get more dog owners to try themselves.

We received an e-mail...

"I have had my female on petgood through her whole pregnancy and nursing of her puppies. Both her and the puppies look amazing"

And also, a whole bunch of amazing pictures of the litter was attached. Of course, we just had to ask if we could post them to share some adorable puppy love with you - so here they are!

The breed is hunting cocker spaniels, and the mother is Wisborgens Mantle Molly who was awarded third place at the Swedish Cocker Spaniel Championship in 2021.

Thank you so much Mary for sharing them with us!

Kennel: Wisborgens kennel

Owner, breeder and trainer: Mary Wright

Photographer: Henrik Johansson