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Breeder Choc Ice

Breeder Choc Ice

Choc Ice Cockers

English Cocker Spaniel

Meet Henrik and the kennel Choc Ice who breed English cocker spaniels. The kennel has been active since 1999 and is located in Borensberg by the Göta Canal. Henrik dogs are family members and it is just as important that they get along well with other people as other dogs. Therefore, everyday obedience is important. Providing his dogs with nutritious and functional food is another important part of the kennel business, so before deciding to test petgood's food he did some proper reaserch. The dogs appreciated it and for Henrik, the climate benefits was a wonderful bonus,

Kennel Choc Ice is one of the active kennels in petgood's breeder program and breeds English cocker spaniel. Henrik has extensive experience of the breed, with cocker spaniels since 1995, kennel four years later and first own litter in 2003.

“I got hooked on the breed as it is a happy and kind dog who loves everything and everyone. Over the years I have learned a lot about the breed and put a lot of focus in my breeding on the mental characteristics. They should be healthy, nice and cooperative dogs who should be a great joy for their new family for 10-15 years."

Right now the kennel consists of four lovely females, and a new litter is planned for one of them. The kennel is small-scale in a family environment and each dog gets their own time and chance to bond with Henrik and the family.

“My dogs are our family members as much as a pack, and should work with both humans and dogs. They are trained in everyday obedience and know the rules that apply for both people and dogs to thrive in the family. We also go to a lot of exhibitions with them"

For Henrik, the food's climate impact was an important point to consider when it comes to feeding his dogs.

“I am picky about it being good food for my dogs, so I wanted to read it properly first and see evidence that it is a nutritious and functional dogfood. After reading about insects as a protein source, I felt safe to try and am very happy with the feed. The dogs like it, it works well and the climate aspect feels like a big bonus. I have a dog that according to the previous owner was picky and unwilling to eat, and even that dog eats it with a very good appetite!"

We at petgood are so happy to have Choc Ice as part of our breeder program, and are looking forward to the upcoming litter!