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Play for a purpose! Our favourite activities with the bug 🐞

Facts & Tips

Written by Karin Lundgren

Licensed Veterinary Nurse

I have been working for the last 10 years doing what I love - making sure our pets, especially cats and dogs, are healthy and happy. After graduating from SLU, in 2013, I have worked in both larger animal hospitals and smaller clinics, with anaesthesia, dentistry and nutrition.

Meet the team

In February, we launched our sustainable and ethically made dog-toy - of course shaped like an insect! Here we share some of our favourite activities you can do with the bug and your doggo friend.

Our insect dog toy

Our soft dog toy is made from 100% recycled textiles, and is without squeaker. The textiles are left-over fabrics from big companies like IKEA and KLM, that are recycled into a soft and resilient felt material.

Together with the Dutch company i-did, the 100% recycled felt material is used to produce our soft dog toy. But i-did is not just any company. I-did employs people who have a hard time finding a job, or who have never worked, and help them get included into the work market and society. I-did provides personal coaching and guidance and help their employees to move on to new paid jobs after their time with i-did. Around 70% of there employees move on to new jobs, and with that, a new hope for a brighter future.

Together with them, our dog toy is one part of creating a sustainable and circular society, where everyone is included.

Now, let's go back to the fun and games!

4 fun dog activities with our insect toy

  1. Tug-of-war: The toy is big enough so you can hold it firmly and challenge your dog to a fun game of tug-of-war!

  2. Carrying on the walk: A lot of dogs feel comfort to carry something with them on the walk or to the vet. The toy is a perfect size, material and weight to be really comfy to carry around.

  3. Turn it into a frisbee: You have probably noticed that the toy is pretty flat. Give it a go with your best frisbee throw and have your dog go catch it!

  4. Snug bug: The perfect soft little comforter to bring to bed and just cuddle with.

Thank you Kustmarkens Hundtjänst for sharing this wonderful video with us!

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