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What dog food is suitable for a dog with sensitive skin?

Nutrition Science

Written by Karin Lundgren

Licensed Veterinary Nurse

I have been working for the last 10 years doing what I love - making sure our pets, especially cats and dogs, are healthy and happy. After graduating from SLU, in 2013, I have worked in both larger animal hospitals and smaller clinics, with anaesthesia, dentistry and nutrition.

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When it comes to sensitive skin, we have to start with the basics - there is no real diagnosis called sensitive skin. If you have a dog that repeatedly has problems with itching, redness or hairloss, even though you are feeding with a high quality complete food, you should always contact your veterinarian and start an investigation - is the cause of the dog's sensitive skin allergies, hormonal diseases, parasites, bacterial causes or something else? Therefore, start by consulting your veterinarian to find a treatment or food that suits your dog with sensitive skin.

In addition to problems with the stomach and intestines, food allergies can also cause dermatological symptoms such as itching, rashes or ear inflammations. If the underlying cause is an allergy to a protein source, an allergy food or feed with a hypoallergenic protein source can help. Insects are a new source of protein for most dogs, and can therefore be beneficial for dogs with allergies to traditional protein sources such as beef, pork or chicken.

How have we developed our insect-based food to benefit skin health?

In our insect-based feed, we have also chosen to use ingredients that contribute to a naturally strong skin barrier, and a beneficial effect on fur, paws and claws. The following nutrients have a proven positive effect on the dog's skin and fur.

Omega-3 and omega-6: essential fatty acids from flaxseed oil and olive oil in a healthy balance, which acts as building blocks for hormones and cell membranes and has a positive effect on skin and fur.

Biotin and other B vitamins: vitamins from natural sources such as carrots and brewer's yeast that promote a healthy immune system and skin, nail and fur quality.

3 quick tips for a dog with sensitive skin:

  1. Book a visit to your veterinarian and investigate the cause.

  2. Give the dog a high-quality complete feed.

  3. Make sure the dog's diet includes ingredients that promote skin health: omega-3, omega-6, biotin and other vitamins for skin, nail and fur health

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