Sibylla and Saga

Sibylla and Saga

English setter

Sibylla and her English setter Saga are a couple who never turn down an adventure. Their great interest in nature and all that our planet has to offer brought them to petgood. They are passionate about spreading knowledge about the benefits of insects and showing how easy it is to reduce one's climate footprint.

Meet our pawsome ambassador Saga the English setter! 

Woof Saga! What is your favourite hobby?

Run, run and run some more. I just can´t get enough but when I have to stop to catch my breath I love bird watching. 

Do you have a nickname?

Yes, it's kind of embarrassing but my humans call me Grisen which is pig in human Swedish. I guess they think I sound like a pig as I love to talk. My nose is working all the time so my humans first named me Sniff which is a parable to nosy nose.

Tell me something pawsome about you! 

My absolute superpower is to cuddle, any time of the day and cuddle hard. Big hugs and staying really close to the human body every chance I get. My humans love to cuddle with me so we are a perfect match.

Can you give other pawsome dogs a tips of your What is favourite dog-friendly cafe, restaurant or hotel in Sweden?

I love Vita Renen in Edsåsdalen. The walk there is beautiful and it's very popular around my dog friends and they even sell dog bones in the cafeteria.

Now let's have a chat with your hooman Sibylla! How come you decided to switch to petgood?

I really care for nature and since I am a vegetarian/vegan myself it didn't feel right, out of a climate perspective, to give my dog meat. As I came across petgood  my view changed from only an environmental perspective to also a dog health perspective, meaning that in most meat dog food there is a lot of antibiotics and growth hormones and of course the aspect of animal suffering. So now I wouldn't give my dog any other food than insect based.

Any specific improvements you noticed?

Her digestion was a big problem before switching to petgood, constant diarrhea. Starting with petgood it took a few weeks before the poop got a solid form. Her fur is so soft and shiny and she has got a lot of energy and is building muscles easily!