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Meet Sia, the Rottweiler who has been part of the pet revolution since it all started in 2020. Sia has a "food clock" just like Skalman and makes sure her food is served when it should. Sia and her family love to be outdoors and go on adventures, and with an active lifestyle comes the importance of choosing a healthy and nutritious food that gives Sia all the energy she needs.

Meet our super cool ambassador Sia the rottweiler!

Woof, Sia! Nice to meet you! What is your favourite thing to do?

I love going on family walks, especially when there is fika involved! Doing tricks is also one of my specials...

Tell me something pawsome about you!

I am really good at keeping track of the dogfood clock! I need to make sure my humans are not missing it, and I won't let them forget.