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Ambassador Bonnie and Bob



Welsh Corgi Pembroke

Meet the charmer Bonnie. A corgi who starts every morning by giving her owners a long, warm hug. How cute? However, she is a picky lady and pet parent Cassandra has not always had it so easy to find food that is both nutritious and tasty. That was until they found petgood.

Meet our cute ambassador and model Bonnie the welsh corgi pembroke!

Woof Bonnie! Please, tell me what your favourite hobby is?

I absolutely LOVE tug-of-war. I want to do it with every single toy I have! 

Do you have a nickname? 

Normally just Bonnie but my human friends and parents sometimes calls me Bonsan. 

Tell me something pawsome about you?

In secret I lift my front right paw when I find a special trace. I haven’t told anyone about this! So schhh! Another pawsome thing is that I always give my human parents a long hug in the morning when they wake up. I stand there on my two back paws and cuddle them. 

What is favourite dog-friendly cafe, restaurant or hotel in Sweden?

I love Hornhuset in Stockholm, the bottom floor. They gave me bacon the first second I stepped my paw there. So of course I love them. Forever. 

Now let’s have a chat with your hooman Cassandra!  

How come you decided to switch to petgood?

When I found out that petgood could provide good nutritious dogfood for Bonnie, that she absolutely loved when she tasted it, and at the same time be much more kind to the environment?  Well, then there was no question about it!  

Any specific improvements you noticed?

She finally eats with a good appetite! Maybe too good sometimes ;)