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Ambassador - Lina Dolk

Lina Dolk

Lina Dolk

Lina Dolk is a well-known name in the horse world and a true inspirer with a great passion for animals. At the family farm in Sparreholm, Sweden, there are not only horses, but also the active and (formerly very picky) border collie Charlie and the stable cat Bellman. With Petgood's insect food, Lina knows that the animals are getting all the nutrition they need, while doing something good for the environment.

Hi Lina, tell us more about you and your four-legged animals?

My name is Lina Dolk, I am 26 years old and live here on the family farm in Sparreholm. Here I run my horse business where I primarily train and train dressage horses. On the farm, there are also many other four-legged animals, such as my dog Charlie, who is my "tail". Then we also have some stable cats, including Bellman.

What is important for you when choosing food for your animals?

For me, it is super important to choose a feed that I feel is good for my animals. Since I work a lot with the animals, they must be able to perform, and Charlie must have the energy to be with me in the stable twelve hours a day and feel good. Perhaps I am more careful about what my dogs, horses and cats eat than what I eat myself...

What were your immediate thoughts when you heard about insect-based feed?

For me, insect-based food for dogs and cats was something completely new. When I came into contact with Petgood, I got to learn a whole new world. I have known that you can give insects and that they are a good and environmentally friendly protein source for animals, but I may not have known exactly how and why it is so good. Something I learned, thanks to Petgood, is that dogs and cats account for 25% of global meat consumption. It's an extremely high number, so it's something we all need to think about - especially those of us who have these four-legged animals.

What do Charlie and Bellman think of the food?

It has previously been very difficult to get my dog Charlie to eat his food. He is very, very picky. Considering that he is very active, I have been very keen that he gets proper nutrition, which has not always been so easy. Since switching to Petgood, there has been a big difference. We no longer have to force him to eat the food, he eats straight away and is very happy! He even licks himself around the mouth when you bring the food bowl, and that makes me very happy. Our stable cat Bellman also eats with great appetite. It's quite fun to sit and watch him eat, because he really throws himself into the food, and that's also a very good rating!

Thank you Lina, Charlie and Bellman for choosing Petgood and joining the journey towards a more transparent and sustainable animal world! Together we can make a big difference!