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Petgood’s Referral Program

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100% discount forever possible
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5% per referral to you
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5% to your friend
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Track referrals' status

This is how it works

Simple rules to collect your discount.


100% discount forever

No limit on how many customers you can refer


Give 5% to every referral*

You're not only providing advice on the planet's best feed, but also an awesome discount!


Get 5% for each referral*

Your total discount builds up quickly from each referral


Track who gives you discounts

Clear overview on your account


Create your own referral link

Easy to remember and share - already available on your account


Do good for our animals & our planet

Save money while more get the most nutritious and sustainable feed


*As long as you both have an active subscription


An active subscription is a subscription which is not paused or cancelled spending an average of €25/50 (cat/dog) each month.

How long can I retain my referral discount?


Indefinitely, as long as you and your referrals have active subscriptions.

When does the referral discount take effect?


You who have been referred get 50% off your first delivery in your subscription when you complete our feeding planner. Thereafter, you always get 5% off your deliveries, as long as you and your recruiter have an active subscription.

Is there a max limit to how much referral discount I can get each month?


The maximum limit for individuals is 2,000 SEK per month, which corresponds to a maximum saving of 24,000 per year. Read our full terms and conditions for more information.