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Erika Lickhammer

Erika Lickhammer

Erika is a well-known show jumper and runs the horse business VHL Stables in the Netherlands with her husband Joris. At the horse farm there are also two golden retrievers, and a lively group of cats. In an active everyday life, a food that works well for all the stable's inhabitants is essential - and with Petgood, Erika has found the right food for her dogs and cats!

Hi Erika, who are you and when did your interest in horses begin?

Even though I was born in a town, Visby, I had a great love for animals early on, actually all animals. My interest in horses took hold when I was 5 years old and since then I have been “sold” on horses.

Tell us about your dogs and cats, and what they mean to you?

Today we have our two dogs, golden retriever Nala and her daughter Nova. Our cats, Lejon and Tiger, and their son Goldie. At the time of writing, we also have 6 kittens at 5 weeks of age. I've always had dogs and cats - they belong to life!

What is important to you when choosing products for your four-legged family members?

Of course, it is very important to me that the dogs and cats enjoy their food, and that they feel good about it. When I heard about insect based food, I thought it sounded very interesting, nutritious and also good for the climate. I wanted to know more and try for my dogs and cats.

What do your dogs and cats think of Petgood's food?

They absolutely love it! Our one dog, who was sometimes a bit difficult with food, has developed an extremely good appetite. We also think they have got very nice fur quality!