Tellus @tntwhippets

Meet our amazing ambassador Tellus the whippet!

Woof Tellus! What is your favourite hobby?
Rolling in tall grass, I love it! 🌾
Do you have a nickname?
Pluppis, Tultan, and also Tell-Bell.

Can you tell me something pawsome about you? 
I just figured out how to lift my leg while peeing!!!

Wow, big boy now!
Also, can you tell mehat is favourite dog-friendly cafe, restaurant, or hotel in Sweden?
My tips in Gothenburg are: Barley’s Food Factory with plenty of vegan burgers!, @gerd_gbg which is my humom’s awesome cousins’ cafe and we just visited Blackbird’s for their all vegan x-mas buffet!
Now, let's talk to your humom Nena. How come you decided to switch to petgood for Tellus?
I always try to make planet (and animal) friendly choices and having to buy animal meat products for my dog was something that bugged me (pun intended). That’s when I came across petgood and their insect based dog food and knew it was the right fit for us! 🐛

Any specific improvements you noticed?
Tellus has eaten petgood’s insect based puppy dog food pretty much since he joined our family, but my older dog had way less intestinal problems after switching from meat based pebbles.