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Insect-based puppy dog food

Insect-based complete dry dog food for puppies, growing dogs and pregnant dogs with protein from the insect black soldier fly. It is nutritious, climate smart and science-based.
  • High quality protein
  • Good for the stomach
  • Developed with veterinarians
  • Nutritious and natural
Kg as adult = the expected adult dog weight
1m, 2m, 3m etc = the current dog age
Monthly feeding is specified in kg and daily in g
Kg as adult 1m 2m 3m 4m 6m 12m 18m
2,5kg 1,1kg/35g 2,0kg/65g 2,1kg/70g 2,3kg/75g 2,1kg/70g 1,8kg/60g -
5kg 1,8kg/60g 3.3kg/110g 3,5kg/115g 3,9kg/130g 3.6kg/120g 3,2kg/105g -
7,5kg 2,4kg/80g 4,5kg/150g 4,7kg/155g 5,3kg/175g 5,0kg/165g 4.2kg/140g -
10kg 3,0kg/100g 5,6kg/185g 6.0kg/200g 6,5kg/215g 6.3kg/210g 5,3kg/175g -
12,5kg 3,2kg/105g 5,7kg/190g 6.9kg/230g 7.1kg/235g 8.0kg/265g 7.1kg/235g 6.3kg/210g
15kg 3,2kg/105g 6.0kg/200g 7.8kg/265g 8.0kg/265g 9.6kg/320g 8.9kg/295g 7.2kg/240g
17,5kg 3,2kg/105g 6.2kg/205g 8.4kg/280g 8.4kg/280g 10.2kg/340g 9.9kg/330g 8.1kg/270g
20kg 3.3kg/110g 6.3kg/210g 8.9kg/295g 9.0kg/300g 11.3kg/375g 10.8kg/360g 8.9kg/295g
25kg 3.3kg/110g 6,5kg/215g 9.6kg/320g 10.2kg/340g 12.8kg/425g 12.9kg/430g 10,5kg/350g
30kg 3,5kg/115g 7.2kg/240g 10.7kg/355g 13.7kg/455g 14.3kg/475g 13.2kg/440g 12.0kg/400g
35kg 3,8kg/125g 7.8kg/260g 11.7kg/390g 14.9kg/495g 15.8kg/525g 14.7kg/490g 13,5kg/450g
40kg 4.1kg/135g 8.1kg/270g 12.3kg/410g 15.8kg/525g 17.1kg/570g 16.2kg/540g 15.0kg/500g
45kg 4,5kg/150g 8.4kg/280g 13.1kg/435g 16.8kg/560g 18,5kg/615g 17.7kg/590g 16.4kg/545g
50kg 4,5kg/150g 8.4kg/280g 13.2kg/440g 17.3kg/575g 19.5kg/650g 21.8kg/725g 17.6kg/585g
55kg 4,7kg/155g 8.6kg/285g 13.7kg/455g 18.0kg/600g 20.7kg/690g 24,5 kg/815 g 18.9kg/630g
60kg 4,7kg/155g 8.6kg/295g 14.1kg/470g 18.8kg/625g 22.1kg/735g 27.3kg/910g 20.3kg/675g
65kg 4,7kg/155g 8.6kg/285g 14.4kg/480g 18.9kg/630g 22.8kg/760g 29.0kg/965g 21,5kg/715g
70kg 4.8kg/160g 8.7kg/290g 14.7kg/490g 19.1kg/635g 23.7kg/790g 30.6kg/1020g 22.7kg/755g
75kg 5,0kg/165g 8.7kg/290g 15.0kg/500g 19.2kg/640g 24.6kg/820g 32.3kg/1075g 23.9kg/795g
80kg 5.1kg/170g 8.9kg/285g 15,5kg/515g 19.5kg/650g 25,5kg/850g 33.9kg/1130g 25.2kg/840g

COMPOSITION: Dried insects (30%), naked oats (20%), peas (14%), corn, olive oil (5%), dried potato (5%), brewer’s yeast, minerals (dicalciumphosphate, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride), dried seaweed (1%), DHA dried algae (0,5%), dried tomato (0,5%), linseed oil, inulin (source of fructooligosaccharides (FOS)) (0,2%), dried beetroot (0,05%), dried carrot (0,05%), dried kale (0,05%), dried parsley (0,05%), yucca schidigera (500 mg/kg).

ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS: Crude protein 26.0%, crude fat 14.0%, crude ash 8%, moisture 8.0%, crude fiber 4.3%, omega 6 1.9%, calcium 1.1%, phosphorus 0.9%, omega 3 0.5%

ADDITIVES (/kg): Vitamin A (18000 IU), Vitamin D3 (1700 IU), Vitamin E (200 IU), Trace elements: copper (copper(II) sulphate pentahydrate) (5mg), zinc (zinc sulphate, monohydrate) (65mg), iron (Iron(II) sulphate, monohydrate) (50mg), manganese (manganese (II) oxide) (35mg), iodine (calcium iodate, anhydrous) (1.5mg), selenium (sodium selenite) (0.1mg), taurine (100mg), L-carnitine (300mg), Antioxidants: Contains natural antioxidants

METABOLIC ENERGY: 3500 kcal/kg ME.

Store in a cool, dry and (if possible) dark place. Best before date, batch number and registration number: see the package. Produced in the EU.

Our tasty puppy food is both nutritious and good for your dog, and at the same time as they are friendly to our planet. Simply a real win-win! Read more about all the benefits with insects as a protein source in the tabs below.

Wait, what about that third win-win-win? Well, there are so many benefits with insects for the dog and our planet that we sometimes forget to mention the pet parent benefits. Do you know that our dog food smells almost nothing to us hoomans? Yep, a very pleasant surprise for you and your cupboard every time you open the bag.

Our puppyfood are rich in protein from the insect black soldier fly; a high-quality, hypoallergenic protein source that is completely free of growth hormones and antibiotics. Read more about all the dog benefits and why your dog will love insects below.


Insects are rich in amino acids with high digestibility, which makes them a high-quality protein source. What this really means is that it covers your dog's need for essential amino acids and that your dog can easily absorb the valuable protein.

An insect's high amino acid content and high digestibility make it an excellent source of high-quality protein for your dog because it covers all the animal's amino acid requirements and it easily absorbs the valuable protein.


Many dogs are unfamiliar with insect proteins, so eating them can be beneficial for dogs with allergies or sensitive stomachs. Since the dog in question has never eaten insect protein before, there is less risk that it will experience an allergic reaction. This, in combination with our products being naturally gluten free, makes them extra kind to the stomach.


Natural and carefully selected ingredients make up our products' nutrition, along with added vitamins and minerals. Our insects are of course completely free of antibiotics and growth hormones. Only good things - nothing else.


To ensure an optimal nutritional profile, we develop all our products with veterinarians and nutritionists. Our dental sticks are developed with dental specialists to ensure the best possible effect on your dog's dental health.

It should be easy to choose climate-smart dog food. Products based on insects are not only nutritious for your dog, they are also kind to our planet. Insects are extremely resource-efficient in production compared to more traditional protein sources such as beef, pork and chicken. Insects need less water and food, take up almost no space at all and cause less carbon dioxide emissions.

Visit our planet benefits page to compare the resources needed to produce one gram of protein.

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