Kg as adult = the expected adult dog weight
1m, 2m, 3m etc = the current dog age
Monthly feeding is specified in kg and daily in g
Kg as adult 1m 2m 3m 4m 6m 12m 18m
2,5kg 1,1kg/35g 2,0kg/65g 2,1kg/70g 2,3kg/75g 2,1kg/70g 1,8kg/60g -
5kg 1,8kg/60g 3.3kg/110g 3,5kg/115g 3,9kg/130g 3.6kg/120g 3,2kg/105g -
7,5kg 2,4kg/80g 4,5kg/150g 4,7kg/155g 5,3kg/175g 5,0kg/165g 4.2kg/140g -
10kg 3,0kg/100g 5,6kg/185g 6.0kg/200g 6,5kg/215g 6.3kg/210g 5,3kg/175g -
12,5kg 3,2kg/105g 5,7kg/190g 6.9kg/230g 7.1kg/235g 8.0kg/265g 7.1kg/235g 6.3kg/210g
15kg 3,2kg/105g 6.0kg/200g 7.8kg/265g 8.0kg/265g 9.6kg/320g 8.9kg/295g 7.2kg/240g
17,5kg 3,2kg/105g 6.2kg/205g 8.4kg/280g 8.4kg/280g 10.2kg/340g 9.9kg/330g 8.1kg/270g
20kg 3.3kg/110g 6.3kg/210g 8.9kg/295g 9.0kg/300g 11.3kg/375g 10.8kg/360g 8.9kg/295g
25kg 3.3kg/110g 6,5kg/215g 9.6kg/320g 10.2kg/340g 12.8kg/425g 12.9kg/430g 10,5kg/350g
30kg 3,5kg/115g 7.2kg/240g 10.7kg/355g 13.7kg/455g 14.3kg/475g 13.2kg/440g 12.0kg/400g
35kg 3,8kg/125g 7.8kg/260g 11.7kg/390g 14.9kg/495g 15.8kg/525g 14.7kg/490g 13,5kg/450g
40kg 4.1kg/135g 8.1kg/270g 12.3kg/410g 15.8kg/525g 17.1kg/570g 16.2kg/540g 15.0kg/500g
45kg 4,5kg/150g 8.4kg/280g 13.1kg/435g 16.8kg/560g 18,5kg/615g 17.7kg/590g 16.4kg/545g
50kg 4,5kg/150g 8.4kg/280g 13.2kg/440g 17.3kg/575g 19.5kg/650g 21.8kg/725g 17.6kg/585g
55kg 4,7kg/155g 8.6kg/285g 13.7kg/455g 18.0kg/600g 20.7kg/690g 24,5 kg/815 g 18.9kg/630g
60kg 4,7kg/155g 8.6kg/295g 14.1kg/470g 18.8kg/625g 22.1kg/735g 27.3kg/910g 20.3kg/675g
65kg 4,7kg/155g 8.6kg/285g 14.4kg/480g 18.9kg/630g 22.8kg/760g 29.0kg/965g 21,5kg/715g
70kg 4.8kg/160g 8.7kg/290g 14.7kg/490g 19.1kg/635g 23.7kg/790g 30.6kg/1020g 22.7kg/755g
75kg 5,0kg/165g 8.7kg/290g 15.0kg/500g 19.2kg/640g 24.6kg/820g 32.3kg/1075g 23.9kg/795g
80kg 5.1kg/170g 8.9kg/285g 15,5kg/515g 19.5kg/650g 25,5kg/850g 33.9kg/1130g 25.2kg/840g

It's tasty. It's nutritious. It's natural. It's sustainable. It's science-based. It's the pet food revolution.

Pernilla Westergren, Founder & CEO