Traveling with your companion 🚀

Traveling with your dog should be a wonderful adventure! Here is a good-to-know list:

🚙 Car

Get your dog used to car rides early and do it undramatically. Start with shorter distances and offer them wonderful adventures when you arrive!

The best and safest way is to transport your dog in a cage. It is also possible to use harnesses that are attached to the car's seat belts.

Take regular breaks to allow your dog to drink and pee!

Do not feed your dog shortly before the trip if they are prone to motion sickness.

If you have to leave your companion in the car park in the shade and keep a gap in the window open. Do not leave the dog in the car if it is more than 25 degrees outside.

🚆 Train

Before your trip, make sure that you are actually allowed to bring your pets, most of the time, you need to pay a surcharge to bring your travel companion. Sometimes you are allocated a different compartment or searching 

It is generally okay to bring two dog toys at no extra cost if they fit on the floor of the train.

✈️ Flight

Most dogs can handle a flight well, but take into account your dog's specific needs.

Check out the regulations of the airline you are going to fly with - some airlines allow dogs and others do not. Whether they can be in the cabin usually depends on size and weight.

Service dogs almost always travel for free in the cabin, but for others you usually need to buy a ticket where the cost varies between the companies.

Service dogs may need to fly in the cargo space. Airlines must have a special section of the cargo space that is heated and illuminated for this purpose.

Check what preparations are required in addition to the ticket as this can vary between the airlines, for example how many hours before departure that you must check in.

If you are travelling within the EU, your dog needs an EU passport, be ID-marked and have a valid vaccination against rabies. The requirements sometimes differ between countries, so do not forget to check the varying regulations  in advance. Especially,  if you are travelling outside the EU, other regulations might apply, such as vaccinations and bans on some breeds.

Safe travels!

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