Exercise - puppy & adult 💨

Did you know that obesity is one of the biggest health problems among dogs? Exercise is key to having a healthy and stimulated dog.


All dogs need exercise, but puppies should not be exercised in the same manner as adult dogs. However, they need to be stimulated and gain impressions of the world. A tip for deciding what is appropriate is to pay attention to your puppy's body language. When your puppy is about 6-9 months, it starts to be time to move a little more to build the right muscles. You can, for example, let your young dog run loose in the woods or a park so that he sets the pace for himself, when the puppy gets tired, you can carry it for a while.

Adult dogs

Most adult dogs need about two hours of exercise daily, which includes about 4-5 walks, of which at least one longer walk of one hour. But this is individual and the need can vary depending on dog race or age.

When it's time to include more exercise in everyday life with your dog, it can help to find something you both like. Maybe running or swimming is your thing?

Remember to make it fun and it will be easier to create and maintain good habits 💚 🐾

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