Sveland Djurförsäkringar (Animal Insurance)

Today we can proudly present that we collaborate with Sveland Djurförsäkringar for a more transparent and sustainable dog world. Sveland's vision is also to be Sweden's best insurance company for sustainable animal ownership. Just like FUNCiFUR, Sveland wants to educate and help pet owners to live more climate-smart together with their furry friends. We will therefore work together to spread knowledge in the area to make it easier for dog owners to make informed decisions. Read more about the collaboration on Sveland's website.

“It feels incredible that we can work with a strong partner in the area, I am also convinced that together we will make a difference. Of course, we also hope to inspire dog owners to choose climate-smart dog food as part of their sustainable lifestyle! ”
- Ragna Zaar, CCO FUNCiFUR

"We at Sveland Djurförsäkringar want to give our customers added value by sharing our best tips and products that make it easy for them to become more sustainable pet owners."
- Christine Ehrlander, Head of Sustainability Sveland Djurförsäkringar

In other words, both we and Sveland want it to be easy to live sustainably with their doggy! On Sveland's website, there is an article about sustainable dog ownership that deals with everything from food to how you create and sustainable everyday life.

Read more about becoming a partner here.

Stay pawsome! 💚

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