Why we developed insect-based dog food

Today, many are aware that reducing your meat consumption is one of the best ways to reduce your impact on the environment. However, what many don’t know is that pets consume 25% of all meat globally, meaning that pets are a real burden for the environment! At FUNCiFUR, we are on a mission to change that, as we love pets and our planet.

To do so, we have developed FUNCiFUR® Dog Food, an insect-based complete dog food, packed with top quality insect protein, berries and vegetables. However, on top of making your dog happier and healthier, it also contributes to making our planet happier and healthier; The insects used as protein source, consume 94% less greenhouse emissions, 93% less land, 92% less feed and 80% less water in comparison to meat – making it a sustainable and healthy alternative for your dog! How pawsome is that?!

To further reduce our pawprints;

  • All our products are produced in Europe to reduce emission from transportation
  • We always use organic ingredients when possible
  • We always use recyclable material when possible
  • We always use sustainable delivery options when available
  • We are always mindful of recycling whatever we can!

If you are like us and want to eat healthy while minimising your and your furry friend’s pawprints, we invite you to join our pet food revolution – since there is simply no planet B!

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It's tasty. It's nutritious. It's natural. It's sustainable. It's science-based. It's the pet food revolution.

Pernilla Westergren, Founder & CEO