Healthy stomach and increased muscle mass 🐶

🐶 Belgian Shepherd Dog / Malinois

🎂 3 years old

🎾 Love getting scratched on the stomach, and exercise, among other things. Obedience and agility training!

💜 Has good focus in training, always gives 100%

Hi, I'm Fluga!

Since I was little, I have had a sensitive stomach and I have regularly been getting loose stools. In my breed, it is unfortunately common with sensitive stomachs and especially when we are very active! For a while, my pet parent and I researched what the potential reasons were, nonetheless, we found no clear traces of anything out of the ordinary. We tested a few different food types, but we saw no definitive improvement nor any deterioration either. It was only when my mother heard about petgood that things started to turn around for us and after two weeks my stomach finally started to feel better!

I am also a very active dog and I practice many different dog sports such as agility, obedience, and tracking. This means that I need a diet where I get all the nutrition I need to build strong muscles. Thus, after consuming the petgood food for some time, we could measure a substantial increase in muscle mass, from 22kg to 24kg. Today, I feel much stronger!

Also, I think it's pawsome that there is food that is good for both me, my stomach, and the planet! 🐾💚