Puppy Tristan @tntwhippets

Meet puppy Tristan, our newest ambassador! Tristan is the "little brother" of Tellus, and you can follow their life and see beautiful pictures taken by their pawrents Nena & Ellen on @tntwhippets

Nice to meet you and Tristan! Does he have a nickname too?

Yes, we call him Triss and Trille!

What is Tristan's favorite hobby or activity?

He loves to play and wrestle with his litter sister Pow, who we are lucky to live very close to!

Please tell us something extra special with Tristan!

Triss has an unusually strong voice that he is more than happy to use - both when he wants attention, food and play!

Do you want to tell us a little more about your family, who you are and why you chose whippets? And how do Tellus & Tristan get along?

Tellus (1 year) and Tristan (15 weeks) live with two pawrents - Ellen and Nena. Ellen works as a dancer and Nena is a trained physiotherapist with a great interest in photography. We love the outdoors and have just bought a lot located in the woods but only 10 minutes by bus from central Gothenburg. It was Nena who, after a physio internship in a rehab ward at an animal hospital, fell in love with the breed whippet. Couch potatoes indoors and energy bundles outdoors - we can not think of anything that suits us better! Tellus and Tristan have loved each other since the first moment. They love to play and fool around together, although it can sometimes be a bit intense from Tellus' side.

What have been the most important factors behind choosing dog food?

As animals and nature are a big part of our lives, environmental issues are also very close to our hearts. We only have one planet to live on and we want future generations to be able to enjoy animals and nature in the same way we did when we were little, and still do today. Then it is important that we take care of the planet and do not consume its resources irresponsibly. It is well known that the meat industry is a major contributing factor to the climate crisis and when we realized that dogs are not carnivores but omnivores, it was a no-brainer to switch to petgood's insect-based dog food. Not only do we save the earth's resources, we also reduce the suffering of animals that would otherwise be raised in the meat industry.

What are your thoughts on climate and sustainability?

Climate and sustainability are important in all aspects of our lives. We want to take care of our planet to be able to enjoy it with the dogs. Now that we are going to build a house, we have discussed heating of the house a lot. It is important that it takes place in a sustainable way. We try to leave the car when we can, and therefore it is a big plus that petgood is delivered all the way to the door!

Do you have any special plans for summer?

This summer we will be outdoors a lot! Get Triss used to riding a boat and paddling SUP. Both dogs will be out camping and sleeping in tents too! In addition to that, of course we are going to the countryside and meet other dogs and play a lot!