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Elfin and Molly

Elfin and Molly


Meet Linda and her rescues Elfin and Molly whom she has taken "from streetlife to sweetlife". Linda has always had a great passion for dogs and helping those in need, which brought her to the "forgotten" dog breed Podenco. She is passionate about spreading knowledge about the breed that captured her heart and wants to give them the best conditions for a long and happy life in Sweden; where a strong relationship with trust and high-quality dog food are some of the pieces of the puzzle.

Hello Linda! Tell us briefly about you, your dogs and how your interest in dogs began?

My name is Linda and I live in Stockholm with my two dogs, Elfin and Molly. I have loved dogs since childhood and after I got my first dog of my own, the interest grew even greater and with it the desire to learn more, which resulted in me starting to study to become a dog behaviorist and I am now studying my last semester.

I have always had a fondness for the more vulnerable, have previously worked at, among other things, Hundstallet, and a couple of years ago became aware of Podencos and how terribly they (together with Galgos) are treated. Since then, I have worked actively to spread both information and knowledge about the breed and what is going on, especially on social media. Both Elfin and Molly come from shelters in southern Spain and were found on the street, most likely previously owned by Galgueros (hunters).

How did you become interested in petgood and our insect-based products?

I think diet is at least as important for dogs as it is for humans and have been interested in insect based food ever since I first heard about it. The fact that petgood is a Swedish company made things even better and that there was so much information to be found about content and production that I felt completely sure that I was giving my dogs really good food.

Since we switched to petgood, their stomachs have become better, more stable and their fur is insanely shiny! The fact that both also love everything from food to treats and dental sticks is extra fun!

Finally, do you have any other valuable tips for pet owners? Perhaps also to others who have adopted dogs with a similar background as yours?

My best tip is to spend time building a strong relationship with trust. Especially when it comes to dogs from a shelter environment, it can take a very long time and feel hopeless many times, but through everything from play, endless love and many and long walks you get a long way, and once the trust is there and they start to give back it's worth all the trouble in the world.

I usually activate the feeding or give extra mental stimulation by putting some treats in a kitchen towel, roll up and thread a couple of toilet rolls through. It's both reward, training and enrichment in one and the dogs love it!

Thank you so much Linda, Elfin and Molly for this talk! You can follow their adventures at @mynameiselfin!