Tips & inspiration for a pawsome x-mas 🎅

Finally - Christmas is here and we'll soon have more time to for cuddles, crafts and wonderful adventures with our four-legged friends. Here we share our favorite Christmas tips for a really pawsome Christmas celebration with your furry friend.

The Christmas buffet - our food is a complete food and covers all the dog's nutritional needs, but sometimes it can be fun to top up the food or let the dog get its own little Christmas buffet; we suggest some sliced ​​cucumber, grated carrot, boiled sweet potato divided into cubes or apple pieces without seeds. (Psst, remember to think about the environment and choose climate-smart toppings).

Lollipops that the dentist loves - our dental sticks with insects come with specific ingredients that promote the dog's oral and dental health. Why not wrap them in dog-friendly packaging so that our doggies can work a little for their treat? The dental sticks are also perfect to hide in small packages and turn into the doggie's own little Christmas calendar. Happy doggy, healthy teeth!

Christmas tips dog

Snow search - out and play in the snow! Take advantage of all the wonderful play opportunities it provides, and take the opportunity to hide petgood's food in the snow and let your furry ones search for it!

Magic tree - find a tree (or a piece of firewood if you want to do it indoors), and hide small petgood pieces into the cavities and let the doggy search!

Upcycled Christmas calendar - an extra tip from our ambassador the Sia the rottweiler can be found here. A very nice Christmas calendar filled with petgood, upcycled from previous years!

Make the doggo Christmas pretty - take the opportunity to be really well-groomed and nice for the Christmas party. Cut claws, brush and fix fur and teeth, and reward with treats and dental sticks for a really cozy spa experience!

This year's Christmas show - who does not love a Christmas show?! Use petgoods dogfeed as treats during training, and surprise friends and relatives with some new tricks on Christmas Eve!

A really pawsome and merry Christmas from all of us at petgood, to all of you, two- and four-legged! 🎄🎅🐶

Thanks to our fantastic ambassador Tellus for the beautiful cover image for this post.

Christmas dog

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