Maintaining your dog's fur ✂️

Regular fur care gives your dog nice and fancy fur, as we at petgood usually say. In addition, it reduces the risk of clots, stimulates the growth of fur, and makes your dog shed fewer hairs. Lots of benefits in other words! You can start bathing your dog already as a puppy - make it undramatic and a wonderful experience.

The type of fur care that is recommended depends on the dog breed and fur type. If you have a dog with short-haired fur, a simple brush is often enough. However,r for the natural fats to recover, you should not bathe the dog too often. For a longer-haired coat, it can be good to first use a brush to remove clots and then follow up with a coarse comb. Rough hair requires more maintenance - here you need to brush, comb, trim and bathe to keep it nice.

Do not forget to use shampoo adapted for dogs when grooming your dog. How often depends on the type and quality of fur - once a month is a general starting point, or when necessary. For example, after that autumn walk in November, we know the struggle… But as I said, exactly how often depends on the individual dog.

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Pernilla Westergren, Founder & CEO